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This week is the musical equivalent to an opening band–

The summer is almost here. I can feel it, both in the weather (80 degrees, humid, sunny) and in the faint buzz that is starting to fill the air everywhere I go. Campus is both coming alive and stalling to a halt–we’re playing frisbee, we’re sleeping under the trees, we’re securing jobs and vacations and one last time to meet over coffee–and then we’re in the library, we’re cramming for the three finals in one day, why-oh-why would there ever be three finals in one day?

Today, there was all of this. It was muggy, but cooled off into a beautiful evening for an outdoor concert–a great concert, Augustana–and I just had to smile and tell myself that in a week, the feeling of relaxed victory that I have now will be completely earned.

It would be nice to say that I’d be writing from some slew of exotic locales this summer, or that I had just landed the perfect summer employment situation. None of that is true, but I still feel like the approaching season will treat me pretty well. If nothing else, I’ll be reading a lot, and sharing the good, bad, and ugly of what I’ve read. Maybe I’ll get through all 16 DVDs of my Monty Python’s Flying Circus collection. Maybe (hopefully!) I’ll break ground on many new poems that are worth reading and (dare I say it?) worth publishing.


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